The VisualDx Creator Toolkit

People of color are negatively impacted by healthcare inequities that can lead to worse health outcomes, including caring for their skin. We created See My Skin so that people with melanin-rich skin could finally see skin conditions on themselves.

Kevin Tolson, Brand Director of US Skincare at Unilever

Power your patient and clinical applications with best-in-market medical content, image library, and AI image search.

  • Improve care from pre-visit to follow-up by supporting the patient process and clinical decision-making.
  • Review patient images to assist with intake and triage.
  • Search signs and symptoms to inform the clinicians’ development of their differential diagnosis.

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Healthcare and life sciences brand marketers, clinical teams, medical affairs, DEI educators, and community builders who want to expand their market influence with healthcare providers and consumers by leveraging VisualDx’s extensive image library and expert content.

A doctor and a patient of color looking at VisualDx's dark skin dermatology atlas on a tablet

Committed to Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity

The only clinical decision support and clinical content engine to guarantee that the evaluation and treatment of dermatologic conditions addresses all skin colors.

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Gain out-of-the-box skin symptom search capability and access to a practitioner-curated diagnosis library for your applications.

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