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A picture is worth a better diagnosis.

Meet VisualDx Plus DermExpert.

Utilizing Apple’s Core ML Technology to get personalized skin answers in seconds.

Leveraging our comprehensive image library of skin conditions, our deep knowledge base, and machine learning, VisualDx provides the primary care practitioner the help needed to recognize, understand, and treat skin conditions.

The Need

A global, critical need is to improve the recognition of skin. Up to 25% of all primary care visits involve a skin complaint. These providers are ill-equipped to handle these complaints and there are not enough dermatologists to handle the case load.

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The Solution

DermExpert incorporates Apple’s renowned ease-of-use technology with VisualDx’s unparalleled differential diagnosis aid. After a clinician takes a picture of the patient’s skin, DermExpert immediately identifies the skin lesion morphology, which is critical to making a more accurate diagnosis at the point of care.

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The Technology

VisualDx has long been on the forefront of medical innovation and is now integrating artificial intelligence to improve skin condition recognition. Thanks to Apple’s Core ML, the analyzing of skin conditions can occur right on the phone, ensuring privacy without discounting accuracy.

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