Enhance problem-based learning and medical decision-making skills.


Students must have access to technologies and leadership training that ensures that they become health professionals who provide care that is reflective, inclusive, and equitable.

-Dr. Langell, Northeast Ohio Medical University

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embrace VisualDx diagnosis app as an essential resource for medical student education.
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Students Learn Variation in Presentation

As a clinical preceptor, I teach nurse practitioner students interested in dermatology. Although I emphasize to students that there is a wide range of clinical presentations for many dermatological diseases, they often do not fully appreciate this variation until they open the VisualDx dermatology app.

I encourage students to take note of any new dermatological disease they encounter, so they can look it up later in VisualDx and see photos of different clinical presentations, including skin of color. They can also see lists of differential diagnoses for each disease in VisualDx, which helps them develop diagnostic skills.

Students have told me VisualDx enriches their learning greatly, and it is one of their favorite resources because it is concise but comprehensive.

Improves pattern-recognition skills
Provides expert peer-reviewed resources
Includes quiz for continuous learning

More than 2,300 hospitals and healthcare institutions rely on VisualDx to improve medical decision-making, enhance medical education, and engage patients in their treatment and care.


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