Queen’s University Uses VisualDx to Improve Racial Representation in Medical Education

For Iku Nwosu, a Black medical student at Queen’s, sitting in dermatology lectures, and watching slide after slide of skin conditions presented on mostly white skin tones, has been frustrating.

“To me, it implies the university is complicit with sending out a cohort of medical students, future physicians, who don’t know what things look like in a large portion of the population. I thought this was really dangerous.”

Similarly, Shakira Brathwaite has also felt disappointed and frustrated with the lack of diversity in teaching resources. While she was on a dermatology placement outside of Kingston, she says she was excited to see patients who looked like her, with Black skin, but at the same time, she felt unprepared to manage their cases, because she had not learned to recognize the severity of certain conditions in skin of color.

Click here to read the full story of how Queen’s University students advocate for the use of VisualDx to improve racial representation in medical education.

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