See what’s new: Infectious disease outbreaks and neglected tropical disease images

On April 18, 2024, VisualDx released new images and clinical content to its subscribers. Want to start your free 7-day trial? Click here.

Some highlights:

  • Details on recent infectious disease outbreaks and spikes, encompassing conditions such as leptospirosis, Dengue fever, measles, and syphilis. Did you know that with VisualDx’s custom Differential Builder, you can incorporate travel-related findings down to the state level? By adding a patient’s recent travel history, you significantly refine your differential, getting you to a more accurate list of possibilities— particularly considering localized outbreaks.
  • New leishmaniasis images, including 46 cutaneous leishmaniasis and 27 mucocutaneous leishmaniasis images in adult and child modules. These images were collected as part of a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded project to develop new AI decision tools to improve care for patients suffering from neglected tropical diseases.
Total Findings
28 New Added
Total Diagnoses
10 New Added
Total Images
100 New Added

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