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Gain out-of-the-box skin symptom screening capability and access to a practitioner-curated diagnosis library for your applications.

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The Value to You

The VisualDx API helps you improve care from pre-visit to follow-up by supporting the patient process and clinical decision-making. Leverage an AI-powered differential diagnosis engine and curated medical images and content with patented technology designed to show variation in disease presentation.

Virtual Care Platforms

Analyze patient images to create a pre-visit differential for intake and triage.

  • Triage with image upload
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Point-of-care diagnostic details
  • Patient education

Customer-Facing Applications

Helps with self care guidance and education for patient- and consumer-focused products.

  • Triage with image upload
  • Self care and patient education


Pre-screen and provide educational resources for clinical trial participants.

  • Symptom screening
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Patient education

Health Systems

Helps with obtaining differential diagnoses for skin images integrated into the workflow.

  • Triage with image upload
  • EHR integration
  • Point-of-care diagnostic details
  • Patient education

Core Values and Features

Power your patient and clinical applications with best-in-market medical content, images, and differential diagnosis by simply integrating the VisualDx API.

Analyze skin images with our AI/ML technology

Generate a differential diagnosis

Display expert content and images for suspected conditions

Product Description and Differentiation

The VisualDx API enables your application to leverage medical content and images curated over 20 years by expert practitioners, enhanced by machine learning

Artificial Intelligence

Screen and recognize 270 skin conditions by simply presenting an image to the API. The AI/ML models are trained by a clinical team of dermatologists to identify the top 3 diagnoses at 80% accuracy.

Diagnosis Details and Images

Access diagnosis details with verified citations and reference images for both your patients and practitioners. The VisualDx API enables patient education and practitioner reference material within your application.

Skin of Color

Recognizing how diseases present on all skin types is key in reducing diagnostic error and minimizing healthcare inequities. VisualDx reference images are carefully curated to equally represent all skin colors.

Vaseline® Uses VisualDx API Technology to Launch New Skincare Initiative

Vaseline® has introduced See My Skin, an online database designed for people with darker skin. Using VisualDx images and API technology, the site provides consumers with information and images on skin conditions and the opportunity to connect with qualified providers.

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RESTful Interface

Integrate and roll out your application quickly and efficiently. Our RESTful interface and content interoperability standards make it easy for your development team to integrate the API into any mobile or web application.

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