An Ongoing Commitment to Equity in Medicine

VisualDx has been improving diagnosis in skin of color for more than 20 years. Join us and many of the world’s leading health systems and universities as we reduce bias and disparities in medical knowledge.


28.5% of images in VisualDx are Fitzpatrick skin type IV, V, VI.
Evidence in JAAD Article

1. Alvarado SM, Feng H, Representation of dark skin images of common dermatologic conditions in educational resources: a cross-sectional analysis, JAAD (2020), Published June 10, 2020. Accessed June 18, 2020.

Everyone deserves a timely and accurate diagnosis.

For too long, patients with pigmented skin have been marginalized and faced worse outcomes than their peers with lighter skin colors. Textbooks, dermatology atlases, and other resources have traditionally underrepresented presentations of disease in people of color.

For over 20 years, VisualDx has been committed to providing a comprehensive resource for medical images across all skin types. We know the importance of helping healthcare professionals with the challenges and subtleties of recognizing skin changes in patients with darker skin pigmentation. Equally important is the ability to engage with patients of color by showing them images that look like them or the way a diagnosis manifests on dark skin. This can build confidence and trust—an essential part of practicing exemplary medicine.

Skin of Color Atlas

VisualDx is committed to improving diagnosis in patients of color. We have curated an unmatched image library reflecting disease on all skin types and now we’ve added a feature to help you diagnose patients with darker skin types.

Your subscription to VisualDx includes access to our collection of pigmented skin images as well as our overall 45,000 medical image library and technology platform to aid in diagnosis, improve treatment decisions, and engage your patients.

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Share Images with Your Patients

Understanding differences in presentation is key to diagnosis and improved patient care.

Acute Meningococcemia

Acute Meningococcemia on light skin

The violaceous color of purpura is obvious on this patient’s light skin.

Acute Meningococcemia on dark skin, as seen in VisualDx dark skin dermatology atlas

In a patient with dark skin, purpura appears dark brown rather than violaceous.


Dermatomyositis on dark skin, as seen in VisualDx skin of color dermatology atlas

In dark skin, the inflammation of dermatomyositis is more subtle, and has a brown to purple color and does not look like typical inflammation.

In light skin, the inflammation due to dermatomyositis is easily seen as red or pink skin.

Case Study

See how students at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada observed racial underrepresentation in medical education resources and advocated for the institution-wide use of VisualDx to improve knowledge and reduce bias.

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Diversity in Medical Images

Variations in skin presentations among skin colors

Disease Appearance: Variations in Skin Presentations

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VisualDx's leading dermatology atlas includes 28.5% dark skin images

VisualDx Image Collection Diversity


#ProjectIMPACT is a global effort brought to you by VisualDx and championed by Dr. Nada Elbuluk, Clinical Director of VisualDx, to reduce disparities in medicine and highlight the role of technology to bridge gaps of knowledge and improve care. We encourage you to be part of #ProjectIMPACT community and make a difference.

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Structural Racism and Racial Bias in Medicine webinar image cover

The Impact of Skin Color and Ethnicity on Clinical Diagnosis and Research

A series of four educational webinars in which clinical experts, thought leaders, and advocates discuss issues of health disparities, structural racism, and medicine while examining specific dermatologic diseases. This event series is brought to you by the Skin of Color Society, NEJM Group, and VisualDx.

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