See what’s new: Clinical images to help you make the best medical decisions

On June 15, 2023, VisualDx released new images and clinical content to its subscribers. Want to start your free 7-day trial? Click here. Images play a crucial role in clinical decision-making and are an integral part of modern medical practice. They provide valuable visual information that helps healthcare professionals make accurate diagnoses, develop treatment plans, monitor progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. They also improve patient engagement and trust.

At VisualDx we are proud to have added the following image counts to our latest content release, along with dozens of new and updated diagnostic content:

  • Clinical images: +38
  • Medical illustrations: +17
  • Radiology: +4
  • Pathology / Lab: +1
Images & Illustrations
64 New Added
Total Diagnoses
16 New Added
Captioned Images
58 New Added

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