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Lumbosacral skin lesion in Child
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Lumbosacral skin lesion in Child

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Contributors: Lowell A. Goldsmith MD, MPH, Nancy Esterly MD
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Incomplete closure of the developing spinal cord and canal (spinal dysraphism, a defective fusion of the neural tube leading to spinal or bony abnormalities) can be associated with a variety of skin lesions that can be important clues to underlying malformations. The skin lesions are not specific for spinal dysraphism and frequently have no associated specific spinal cord defects. If spinal dysraphism is present, the spinal cord can be tethered as the child grows, and spinal nerve function can be compromised. Early testing, diagnosis, and treatment are necessary.

These disorders probably occur in all ethnic groups. Females are more affected than males.

Masses include:
  • Cutaneous lipomas that may be associated with spinal lipomas; 20% of lesions are congenital, and 90% of patients with spinal lipomas have cutaneous lesions.
  • Skin tags in the gluteal cleft that may be associated with spinal lipomas.
  • Pseudo tails or true tails may be associated with tethered cord.
Lesions involving abnormal terminal hair include:
  • Hypertrichosis as an isolated lesion.
  • Faun tail nevus with either pigmented or nonpigmented terminal hairs. Cord lesions include split cord malformations, filum defects.
Giant congenital nevi may have underlying melanocytosis of the meninges of the spinal cord.

Related topic: Spina bifida


Q82.8 – Other specified congenital malformations of skin

403559003 – Cutaneous lesion resulting from spinal dysraphism

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Lumbosacral skin lesion in Child
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Lumbosacral skin lesion : Sacral region of back, Smooth compressible nodule
Clinical image of Lumbosacral skin lesion
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