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Osteochondral defect in Adult
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Osteochondral defect in Adult

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An osteochondral defect is a rare condition of osteonecrosis of the subchondral bone, characterized by a loose bone fragment and articular cartridge which is partially or completely detached from underlying bone. Joints most commonly affected are knee, elbow, and ankle. Symptoms include localized pain following athletic injury or overuse, more often in boys than girls. If the fragment becomes lodged in the joint, the patient may experience increased pain, tenderness, locking, or crepitus of the joint. Treatment depends on growth stage of affected patient. Juveniles with open growth plates may be treated conservatively and nonsurgically. Adults who are skeletally mature may undergo arthroscopic repair.

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M93.20 – Osteochondritis dissecans of unspecified site

82562007 – Osteochondritis dissecans

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Osteochondral defect in Adult
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Osteochondral defect : Ankle pain, Elbow pain, Joint stiffness, Joint swelling, Knee pain, Knee effusion
Imaging Studies image of Osteochondral defect
Lucency at the medial talar dome compatible with an osteochondral defect.
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