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  • See the variations in over 3,400 adult and pediatric diagnoses with more than 46,000 images and exclusive Sympticon™ technology.
  • Over 55,000 searchable medication reactions and adverse events are included in VisualDx.
  • With expanded content across general medicine, VisualDx delivers speed to answer at the point of care.

How to Access VisualDx

Since your institution has access to VisualDx, you can sign up for your own personal account.

To register, you must sign in on campus or through your library proxy. Once your account is active you can use VisualDx anywhere and everywhere.

  1. From an IP-authenticated clinical computer, go to

  2. Click Create a Personal Account and fill out the information to create a personal login account.

  3. Search VisualDx in either the App Store or Google Play. Download and enter the username and password you created in Step #2. Congratulations, you’re ready to go!

The Value of VisualDx

Tackle Challenging Diagnoses

Build a custom differential in seconds. VisualDx shows variations of disease to solve complex patient presentations.

The Power of Visualization

Combine the world’s top medical image library and the exclusive Sympticon™ technology to visualize diseases, symptoms, and drug eruptions.

Medicine's Fastest Second Opinion

With VisualDx, get access to specialty-level knowledge at the point of care to reduce unnecessary referrals.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Share images and disease information with patients to build confidence and strengthen the patient-clinician relationship.

28.5% of images in VisualDx are Fitzpatrick skin type IV, V, VI.
Evidence in JAAD Article

1. Alvarado SM, Feng H, Representation of dark skin images of common dermatologic conditions in educational resources: a cross-sectional analysis, JAAD (2020), Published June 10, 2020. Accessed June 18, 2020.

Everyone deserves a timely and accurate diagnosis.

For too long, patients with pigmented skin have been marginalized and faced worse outcomes than their peers with lighter skin colors. Textbooks, dermatology atlases, and other resources have traditionally underrepresented presentations of disease in people of color.

For over 20 years, VisualDx has been committed to providing a comprehensive resource for medical images across all skin types. We know the importance of helping healthcare professionals with the challenges and subtleties of recognizing skin changes in patients with darker skin pigmentation. Equally important is the ability to engage with patients of color by showing them images that look like them or the way a diagnosis manifests on dark skin. This can build confidence and trust—an essential part of practicing exemplary medicine.

Skin of Color Atlas

VisualDx is committed to improving diagnosis in patients of color. We have curated an unmatched image library reflecting disease on all skin types and now we’ve added a feature to help you diagnose patients with darker skin types.

Your subscription to VisualDx includes access to our collection of pigmented skin images as well as our overall 45,000 medical image library and technology platform to aid in diagnosis, improve treatment decisions, and engage your patients.

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