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Pityriasis rotunda
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Pityriasis rotunda

Contributors: Erin X. Wei MD, Paul Curtiss MD, Gabriela Cobos MD, Susan Burgin MD
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Pityriasis rotunda (PR) is a rare cutaneous disorder of keratinization characterized by 1 or more scaly, well-defined, round or oval patches or thin plaques, which may be hypo- or hyperpigmented. Of note, most cases have been reported from Japan, Italy, the West Indies, South Africa, and Sardinia (familial).

Most cases are idiopathic, but PR has been associated with:
PR has been classified into 2 distinct subtypes.

Type 1:
  • Typically hyperpigmented
  • Typically fewer than 30 lesions
  • Predominantly in older Asian or Black adults
  • 30% of cases associated with systemic illness
Type 2:
  • Typically hypopigmented
  • Typically numerous (30 or more) lesions
  • Primarily in younger patients of Northern European descent
  • Strong hereditary predisposition; believed by many to exist along a spectrum of congenital ichthyoses
  • Typically no association with systemic illness or malignancy


L44.8 – Other specified papulosquamous disorders

238639005 – Pityriasis rotunda

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Pityriasis rotunda
A medical illustration showing key findings of Pityriasis rotunda : Arms
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