Harvard Medical Students’ Top Ranked Medical App VisualDx

ROCHESTER, NY, MAY 2, 2011 – Logical Images, Inc., the expert source for professional visual diagnostic decision support, has released its VisualDx Mobile medical app for Android devices. The company’s premier medical app released in 2010 for Apple devices was recently ranked as one of the top five medical apps by Harvard Medical School students in a 2011 survey conducted by Dr. John Halamka, CIO and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School.

The VisualDx Mobile Android app has the same great functionality as the Web and Apple versions of the system including the Look Up a Diagnosis and Differential Builder capabilities as well as the system’s essential and unique asset, a database of thousands of medical images. However, the Android app includes some new enhancements to the Differential Builder interface.

“We work closely with our users, review usage reports, and watch user activity within the application to determine the best enhancements for our products,” said Art Papier, MD, CMIO and co-founder of Logical Images. “Releasing this new interface in the Android app gives us an opportunity to evaluate its effectiveness with our users and determine if similar functionality should be applied to all versions.”

The redesigned interface for building a differential diagnosis in the Android app is a four-step process that guides the user through adding patient symptoms and signs before displaying a list of diagnoses. The end result is a much more refined and relevant list of diagnoses to aid clinician in accurately diagnosing.

VisualDx Mobile is included with all subscription purchases. New individual subscribers can download the app from the Apple App Store or the Android Market to sign up for a free 15-day trial or purchase an individual package at the Store in the app.

An Enterprise version, now including over 20,000 medical images, is available for institutions looking to enhance medical education and increase diagnostic accuracy for challenging dermatologic, infectious, and drug-induced diseases such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Cellulitis.

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