Raise the Line with Osmosis.org Podcast: The Tools to Reduce Bias in Medicine

“There are all these medical schools and users out there that are hungry to reduce bias in medicine,” says Dr. Art Papier. “We have to get the word out there.” With thousands of users across the globe and the world’s largest, most equitable medical image collection, VisualDx is providing clinicians with important software tools to help improve diagnostic and treatment decisions. In this episode of Raise the Line, Dr. Papier joins host Shiv Gaglani to discuss racial and gender bias in medicine, the causes of diagnostic errors, and how his company is working to shift the educational paradigm and train students in the spectrum of disease in order to avoid future mistakes. Tune in to hear Dr. Papier’s advice on the importance of staying clinically engaged, and discover how digital health may help prevent the next pandemic.

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