The Toronto Star: How medical students at Queen’s University are revamping their curriculum to include diverse skin tones

By Angelyn Francis (MAR 31, 2021)

Throughout their first two years of medical school, a group of students at Queen’s University noticed that class after class, slide after slide, most of the images their instructors added were of white people.

And when it came to their dermatology classes, the lack of diversity was especially “frightening.”


Student volunteers then went back to the materials they flagged, and linked an image that could be added, either from VisualDx or the book Mind the Gap, a book created by a student and two professors in the U.K. to address the same problem.

Since proposing these changes to the Queen’s curriculum, Nwosu said they have shared the framework they followed with students at other schools — including McGill University, Université de Montréal and Northern Ontario School of Medicine — who have reached out and are looking to make a similar change.

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