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Emergency Medicine

What is VisualDx?

Have you ever had difficulty diagnosing a rash or visual clue in your emergency department? VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support and reference tool of over 1,300 conditions and nearly 30,000 images designed to aid physicians in the diagnosis of disease by leveraging the innate human ability to pattern match. VisualDx speeds up diagnosis to help ensure that patients receive proper care, reducing the risk of diagnostic delay or error.

VisualDx allows you to search by visual clues, symptoms, and patient history to develop an accurate differential, or you can search a specific diagnosis or medication to confirm diagnostic thinking and review therapy recommendations. Click through case uses to see how it worksOver 1,000 emergency departments use VisualDx.


Benefits for Emergency Physicians

VisualDx for Your Emergency Department

Are you employed at an institution? VisualDx is typically licensed for the hospital and IP authenticated, resulting in password-free access while you work. Contact our Sales Department to get a trial for you and your colleagues. If your institution has UpToDate, learn more about how VisualDx is integrated into UpToDate.

VisualDx for the Emergency Physician

VisualDx for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices provides quick answers in the Emergency Department – or anywhere. Sign up today and see why 97% of users say VisualDx improves patient care.

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VisualDx in Practice

“As a board-certified emergency medicine physician practicing in two hospitals that collectively see over 90,000 patients per year, VisualDx has become part of my daily practice. The ability to immediately sift through patient presentations and develop a concise list of possibilities with images for visual comparison is essential to the practice of medicine.” – James Shoemaker, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Chairman, Elkhart General Hospital Emergency Department, Elkhart, IN