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A Faster, More Accurate Diagnosis

VisualDx is a web-based clinical decision support system proven to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety.

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  • ebola virusTravel-Related Illness: Ebola Outbreak

    Type any country into the VisualDx homepage to see a differential diagnosis of travel-related infectious diseases. Learn more.

  • installs.pngUsed in over 1,500 Hospitals and Clinics

    The VA Healthcare system, UCLA School of Medicine, and Harvard Medical School are just a few of the institutions that recognize VisualDx as a must-have quality and safety system. Read customer success stories.

  • larva_migrans_42784_wm.jpgSeveral Days of Diffuse Rash and Fatigue

    Recently, I admitted a 33-year-old man who presented with several days of a diffuse rash and fatigue, malaise, and sweats. He had scattered annular pink lesions over his entire body but sparing the face and hands. Read the full story

  • e_record_medication_add_vertical.pngInteroperable with the EHR

    Stage 2 Meaningful Use requires referential and diagnostic CDS and Health Level 7 (HL7) Infobutton capability. The HL7 standard is already used within the Epic electronic medical record (EMR) and VisualDx is already linked into Epic and other electronic records. Infobuttons allow users to retrieve information from a clinical decision support system without having to retype data from the record.

  • A Quick App Review and a Q&A with Noah Craft, CMO of VisualDxappicon_reviewimage_1.png

    Stanley Darma, Medgadget: The visual aspect is very important for clinical decision making. Can you tell us how the idea of VisualDx came about and for whom it is intended? 

    Dr. Noah Craft, CMO VisualDx:In the 1980s, Dr. Art Papier, the founder of Logical Images, the company that produces VisualDx, worked with Larry Weed, the founder of the Problem Oriented Medical Record and SOAP notation.Read the Full Interview

  • utd_home.pngIntegrated into UpToDate

    When VisualDx is licensed and interoperable within UpToDate, it brings to the UpToDate user an excellent differential diagnosis, the ability to visually confirm a diagnosis and wonderful images to aid patient education. The quality of the images is second to none. – Denise Basow, CEO of UpToDate