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Faster, More Accurate Diagnosis

VisualDx is a diagnostic clinical decision support system that leverages the innate human ability to recognize visual patterns to assist healthcare providers in making faster, more accurate diagnoses. VisualDx combines high-quality, peer-reviewed medical images and concise, actionable information to support today’s busy physicians in the accurate recognition and management of disease. Health care professionals can input visual clues, symptoms, and patient history to help make the correct diagnosis and avoid costly and dangerous errors at the point of care.

Reduce Diagnostic Errors and Improve Patient Outcomes

10% to 20% of all diagnoses are inaccurate1 and may result in patient dissatisfaction, harm, or serious injury including death. Physicians and patients know that proper patient management and therapy depends on diagnostic accuracy. Moreover, diagnostic error often involves common clinical scenarios and is not limited to rare diagnoses or unusual presentations. VisualDx is proven to reduce diagnostic error. Read more about how images improve diagnostic accuracy.

Recognize Drug Reactions

Diagnose medication reactions early and accurately with VisualDx. The skin and mucosae are often the first sites of an adverse reaction, including life-threatening disease reactions. An essential safety tool for recognizing drug-induced conditions, VisualDx links to literature evidence documenting drug-disease associations. Learn more about diagnosing adverse medication reactions.

  1. Berner ES, Graber ML. Overconfidence as a cause of diagnostic error in medicine. Am J Med. 2008;121(5 Suppl):S2-S23. [PubMed].

Reduce Risk for Hospitals

Hospital physicians may have only minutes to assess and diagnose their patients – often with incomplete data. Read how VisualDx helps hospitals mitigate risk.

Empower Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians are under tremendous pressure to evaluate more patients in less time. Learn how VisualDx empowers the primary care physician.


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