Dermatology Resident Uses the VisualDx Medical Image Collection to Reinforce Diagnosis

Many tiny dark brown, stuck-on, verrucous papules of dermatosis papulosa nigra on the cheek and eyelid

Michael F., a dermatology resident at Western University of Health Sciences, uses the VisualDx medical image collection to reinforce diagnosis.

“A patient with type V skin presented to clinic with pigmented-appearing papules on his cheeks. After reviewing VisualDx, the papules appeared consistent with dermatosis papulosa nigra, and photos of other patients with skin of color were provided for reassurance.”

What is erythema dermatosis papulosa nigra?

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a harmless condition commonly affecting the faces of Black and sometimes Asian adults. The cause of dermatosis papulosa nigra is unknown, although about half of people affected have a family history of the disease.

What should we be aware of when making a diagnosis?

Lesions are asymptomatic, frequently symmetric, and all of similar size.

How can we treat this?

  • No treatment is necessary unless the patient requests it for cosmetic reasons.
  • The use of cryotherapy, electrocautery, etc, may pose a risk of dyspigmentation.

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