Healthcare Finance News: Ending racism in healthcare often begins with medical education

By Jeff Lagasse (APRIL 30, 2021)

To say that race has been a much-debated topic during the pandemic would be an understatement. Racial tensions were hitting a boiling point in the U.S. even before the world shut down due to COVID-19, and now the pandemic has highlighted racial disparities that exist in many facets of American life, including in healthcare.

Bias and inequity can be found in many areas of the industry. One that has been overlooked is medical education, which can oftentimes result in clinical trainees internalizing implicit bias. But a new initiative is looking to change that.

Project IMPACT is a collaboration between clinical decision support system company VisualDx, the Skin of Color Society and the New England Journal of Medicine Group. Project IMPACT – Improving Medicine’s Power to Address Care and Treatment – looks to bridge gaps in knowledge and improve outcomes for people of color.

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