Improving Healthcare Outcomes by Reducing Bias in Medical Education

By Nada Elbuluk, MD, MSc

There has been a longstanding need to improve medical care for people of color. The Black Lives Matter movement and events of the past 18 months have brought a heightened awareness of systemic injustices across our society, including in the medical system. Conversations about racial disparities are ongoing, but the healthcare industry needs to go beyond awareness—we need better answers and solutions to these issues. […]

It is essential to provide medical knowledge that can reduce biases toward skin of color. This education should start in medical school, as it lays the groundwork for how clinicians will practice throughout their careers.

This can be achieved by ensuring that skin of color is adequately and appropriately represented in educational materials. Training clinicians to recognize how skin conditions present on darker skin colors is key to reducing healthcare disparities, yet professional resources often do not sufficiently represent people with deeply pigmented skin.

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