Jennifer Hudson Show features See my Skin initiative powered by VisualDx API

People with more pigmented skin are getting better access to culturally competent dermatologists across the United States thanks to an effort by Vaseline® that uses VisualDx technology.

As part of National Healthy Skin Month, dermatologist Caroline Robinson, MD, was a guest on the Jennifer Hudson Show to speak about Vaseline’s See My Skin initiative, an online database designed for people of color. Powered by VisualDx’s images and API technology, See My Skin provides consumers with information and images on skin conditions and the opportunity to connect with qualified providers.

“Skin of color dermatology focuses recognizing conditions that disproportionate affect people of color,” Dr. Robinson explains. A condition as common as eczema, for example, can look very different on the background of darker skin. “We need to recognize those differences [in skin presentation] so that we can arrive at the correct diagnosis.”

People of color face greater healthcare disparities, including delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. Lack of equitable resources—both for the professional and the consumer—contribute to these disparities.

“If you do a simple internet search for eczema or acne, the images that come up do not look like us,” Dr. Robinson says. “When that happens, you do not feel connected to the conditions and may be led own a path of misdiagnosis or misinformation.”

VisualDx has been improving diagnosis in skin of color for more than 20 years through its innovative decision support tool and the world’s most diverse medical image collection. Now, healthcare and life sciences brand marketers, clinical teams, medical affairs, DEI educators, and community builders like Vaseline are able to expand their market influence with healthcare providers and consumers by leveraging VisualDx’s augmented intelligence and extensive image library. To learn more about the VisualDx API technology, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Watch the full segment from the Jennifer Hudson Show below.

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