Man has skin atrophy, papules, macules – Let’s Diagnose

A 43-year-old man presented to the doctor with a rash that had developed on his trunk over the last couple of days. On examination, skin atrophy and multiple smooth papules and hypopigmented macules in an oval configuration were visible. Upon observation and palpation of the lesions, the doctor noticed that their examining finger “sunk” into a pit with distinct edges, like the ring of a hernia. The patient was immunocompetent, and his medical history was unremarkable except for a history of lichen planus. The patient appeared well, was not on any medications, and reported no systemic symptoms.

What’s the diagnosis?

  1. Atrophoderma
  2. Lichen sclerosus
  3. Anetoderma
  4. Steatocystoma multiplex


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