Med Grad Wish List and VisualDx: Don’t miss your chance to win!

Tell us: Why did you want to enter the medical field? Your answer to this question could get you free VisualDx for life!

Match season has begun, and to show our support for the students continuing their medical journey, we have partnered with Med Grad Wish List on a sweepstakes for up to 10 recent medical school graduates.

What’s the prize?

Med Grad Wish List aims to raise $1,000 and we at VisualDx want to help them reach that goal and match at 100%. When they reach their goal, we will award 10 people who will win cash prizes of up to $250 and 3 people who will win free VisualDx licenses for LIFE!

#MedGradWishlist is a mutual aid movement that began as a way to support BIPOC graduating medical students amidst a simultaneous global pandemic and civil rights movement, and for sharing their stories of resilience as they progress into their respective careers as doctors and surgeons.

How to enter:

  1. Set up a Med Grad Wish List (Amazon Wish List, spreadsheet with links, etc.).
  2. Complete this form.
  3. Share on social media your answer to the question: “Why did I want to enter the medical field?” and a link to your Med Grad Wish List using hashtag #VDXxMedGradWishList

We’ll announce the winners LIVE on Twitter on March 23, 6pm Eastern. Good luck!

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