VisualDx Medical Director to Present Solutions that Drive Greater Health Equity at HLTH

Dr. Chesahna Kindred will showcase how VisualDx clinical decision support technology reduces racial bias, improves diagnostic accuracy

VisualDx, a web-based clinical decision support system headquartered in Rochester, NY, today announced that its medical director, Dr. Chesahna Kindred, MD, MBA, FAAD, will present the company’s work addressing racial disparities of care at HLTH 2021. Dr. Kindred will highlight how VisualDx’s leading clinical decision support technology enhances diagnostic accuracy, especially among underserved patients.

In the session, Dr. Kindred will focus on how technology like VisualDx can improve patient experience and outcomes, while curbing racial disparities and biases in medical education, training, and at the point of care. She will also speak to health equity and how AI (“assistive” intelligence) that’s built on diverse, representative datasets can bridge knowledge gaps and provide reliable second opinions to help clinicians in the decision-making process. Dr. Kindred’s presentation is part of the “Health Tech’s Got Talent” track on Monday, October 18.

“From growing up in South Central LA and then pursuing a career in dermatology and health tech, I have been deeply committed to advocating for the delivery of equitable, unbiased care for people of color,” said Dr. Kindred. “In addition to the work I do for my practice, Kindred Hair & Skin Center, I have been honored to help VisualDx bring this powerful assistive technology to the medical community and help clinicians provide quality care for patients of all races and ethnicities. I am looking forward to sharing takeaways from this work with the HLTH community and further addressing racial disparities of care.”

VisualDx is a physician-led company dedicated to improving medical decision-making, education, and research by providing critical practical tools, methods, and resources. The company’s award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system has become the standard medical professional resource used at more than 50% of U.S. medical schools and more than 2,300 hospitals and clinics worldwide. VisualDx combines clinical search with expert medical knowledge, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, and the world’s best dark skin image atlas and most equitable image collection of disease presentations in people of all skin colors.

“VisualDx has been at the forefront of health equity for decades, and recently we have seen more clinicians and medical institutions prioritizing equitable healthcare delivery and technology,” said Art Papier, MD, CEO of VisualDx. “Though racial bias is a multi-faceted challenge, we know that health IT and cross-industry collaboration are two integral pieces of this complex puzzle. We are excited to share takeaways on the HLTH stage regarding key strategies and tangible steps that can immediately impact underrepresented and under-cared for patients, and drive long-overdue positive change in healthcare.”

Dr. Kindred will be speaking on the “Health Tech’s Got Talent” track at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, October 18, 2021. Dr. Kindred as well as other company executives, including VisualDx CEO and co-founder Dr. Art Papier, will be available for onsite media meetings at the conference. To reserve time with VisualDx executives at the show, contact

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