Lawrence (Larry) Weed, MD

Clear and sound clinical thinking

In 1971 Dr. Larry Weed articulated how well-organized problem lists and medical records are essential to clear and sound clinical thinking in this Grand Rounds presentation at Emory University. Now nearly 50 years after publication of Dr. Weed’s seminal “Medical Records that Guide and Teach” (N Engl J Med. 1968;[11]278:593-600), we believe his message is more relevant than ever. If electronic medical records are to support accurate clinical decision making, they must have a standard structure and format based on many of the principles that Larry Weed articulated so many years ago. We encourage today’s CMIOs, clinicians, residents, and medical students to watch this video.

Dr. Weed was a tremendous influence on VisualDx CEO, Dr. Art Papier, and his career in medicine. Dr. Papier reflected on that in this touching tribute shortly after Dr. Weed’s passing in 2017.

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