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How to claim your CME credits

To earn and claim CME credits through VisualDx, you must be logged in to VisualDx using your personal login credentials.

If you have purchased an individual license, you will always use a personal login to access VisualDx and accrue potential CME credits while using VisualDx.

If your institution has licensed VisualDx, you will need to follow the instructions below to create personal login credentials so that you can begin to accrue potential CME credits through your use of VisualDx. You will also need to be logged in to your personal account to claim credits and print certificates.

If you have downloaded the mobile version of VisualDx from the iTunes Store or Google Play and you are logged in with your personal credentials, you will automatically accrue potential CME credits. You can claim and print certificates from your mobile device.

Download Instructions [PDF]

1. Create a personal login

Skip this step and go on to step 2 if you already have a personal login for VisualDx Mobile. You can use those credentials to sign in.

  1. To create a personal account using your Institution’s license, launch VisualDx at your institution and click “CME Certification.”
  2. Click “Create a Personal VisualDx Account” and fill out the form as instructed.


2. Sign in with your personal login and earn CME while at your institution

  1. Launch VisualDx at your institution. Click “Sign Out” in the top right corner to sign out of your institution. Log in with your personal credentials.
  2. Use VisualDx to look up diagnoses or build differentials. You will automatically accrue potential CME credits only if you are signed in with your personal credentials.

3. Sign in with your personal login and earn CME outside your institution’s network

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Launch VisualDx” in the top right corner.
  3. Sign in with your personal username and password.
  4. Use VisualDx to search diagnoses or build a differential. You will automatically accrue potential CME credits.

4. Complete and claim your CME credits

  1. Sign in to VisualDx with your personal username and password.
  2. Click on “CME Certification” on the right hand side and then “CME Home.” 
  3. Follow the steps to complete, submit, and claim your credits. You will be asked to specify the type of clinical inquiry and how the activity affected your knowledge or care. Note: Per AMA CME guidelines, if you select “No Impact” on knowledge or care, the potential credit will be marked for deletion, as it cannot be claimed for credit.
  4. Complete only those credits acquired in a clinical setting at the point of care.
  5. To view and print your CME certificate, click “View Certificates” and follow the instructions on the CME Certificates page.

Download Instructions [PDF]

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