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MedCity News: VisualDx's new app lets users check skin conditions using AI

aysa01_take_photo.jpgby Erin Dietsche, MedCity News (SEPTEMBER 20, 2018)

VisualDx, a Rochester, New York-based company that designed a clinical decision support tool for doctors, has expanded its innovative thinking to the world of consumers.

At the Health 2.0 conference earlier this week, it launched its first app geared aimed at consumers: Aysa, an artificial intelligence-powered tool that lets people learn about their skin conditions.

The app is trained via VisualDx's platform, which brings together medical expertise and a database of over 120,000.

In a recent phone interview, Rory Burrill, VisualDx's vice president of business development and general manager of consumer health strategy said his company saw its platform and know-how as a valuable resource that could assist others.

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About VisualDx

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