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Clinics & Group Practices Value

“Utilizing VisualDx app on my iPhone and printing relevant patient education handouts via the website empowers my patients to educate themselves about their diagnoses and know that evidenced-based medicine is being practiced. I feel that this tool leads to greater patient satisfaction and outstanding customer service in our practice.”

Lorie A. Conza, NP-C, Virginia Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center

Medical Schools Value

Hospitals & Health Systems Value

"When VisualDx is licensed and interoperable within UpToDate, it brings to the UpToDate user an excellent differential diagnosis, the ability to visually confirm a diagnosis and wonderful images to aid patient education. The quality of the images is second to none."

Denise Basow, CEO of UpToDate

Urgent Care

Get the diagnosis right and get it fast with VisualDx. Our patients deserve the quickest route to better care.

Speed and Accuracy

Have confidence in the diagnosis and get the patient on the road to recovery. Simply enter a chief complaint and instantly build and see a differential. Spot life-threatening conditions early and easily.

Medical Schools

VisualDx fosters good habits for lifelong learning in medicine.

Enhance Problem-Based Learning and Medical Decision-Making

More than 85 medical schools have embraced VisualDx as an essential resource for medical student education. VisualDx is based on the fact that information-assisted decision-making is far more beneficial than just memory-based education. VisualDx supports and encourages a logical method of clinical reasoning. As the leading clinical decision support system, we teach students how to quickly build an appropriate differential and avoid common diagnostic pitfalls. VisualDx is consistently voted among the top apps at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.

Clinics & Group Practices

Faster, better process at the point of care to improve diagnostic accuracy and improve patient care.

Medicine's Fastest Second Opinion

Faster, more accurate diagnoses are essential to any practice or clinic. We make it easier with a clinical decision support system that matches picture to patient. Through the power of visualization, we equip our clinicians with the tools to be more efficient and informed. This saves our clinicians' time and improves diagnostic accuracy.

Hospitals & Health Systems

In a hospital, we know speed is a necessity. Accuracy is essential. VisualDx offers informed decision-making at the point of care.

Improve Diagnostic Accuracy. Improve Patient Outcomes.

Timely, accurate diagnoses reduce unnecessary treatments and admissions, improving overall outcomes. Hospital physicians may have only minutes to assess and diagnose their patients. We empower our clinicians with the tools to be more efficient and informed. Over 1,700 hospitals and institutions rely on VisualDx to improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and engage patients in their treatment and care.

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