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VisualDx is clinical decision support that works.  Integrate VisualDx into your electronic health record and enhance your HIT investments. 

Intelligence For Your Electronic Health Record

Over 2,300 hospitals and large clinics license VisualDx because their doctors ask for it. Why? VisualDx saves time, engages patients, and pushes forward more accurate care. Timely, accurate diagnosis is the key to reducing unnecessary treatments and admissions, and improving overall patient outcomes. As the leading clinical decision support system, VisualDx will drive quality care and reduce your institutional risk. The VisualDx differential builder will help your clinicians to visualize disease symptom patterns, compare variations, and improve diagnostic accuracy. 

The Value of VisualDx

  • Improve quality, save time, and reduce risk
  • Seamless integration in the EHR using HL-7 Infobuttons or FHIR
  • Interoperability inside of UpToDate
  • Mobile apps for IOS and Android
  • Enhances patient engagement 

“VisualDx is a new generation, person-side, clinical decision support tool, allowing the clinician, student, and others immediate access to rich visual content assisting with, as the name implies, diagnosis as well as therapeutic options. The tool is one that is easy to use and a component of the modern era of mobile devices, allowing the immediate access to diagnostic support to improve patient care.”

William F. Bria, MD, Chairman of the Board AMDIS

Key Features

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