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Risk Management

VisualDx is certified for risk CME accreditation. Use VisualDx at your institution to improve care and reduce risk.

Accurate, Informed Decision-Making

Diagnostic errors and delays are the leading causes of injury to the patient and risk to the practicing physician. They are a significant contributor to medical malpractice lawsuits. The Institute of Medicine reports at least 5% of diagnoses are made in error, translating to 18 million errors each year. Giving clinicians the tools to improve diagnostic accuracy is imperative to help reduce risk and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

The Value of VisualDx

  • Solve challenging diagnoses.
  • Seamless integration in the e-record and UpToDate.
  • Enhance medical education.
  • Engage patients in treatment and care.
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy. Improve patient outcomes.

Key Features

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