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Specialty Medicine

Unravel the complexity of rare diagnoses and variant presentations of disease to drive accuracy with VisualDx. 

Medicine’s Fastest Second Opinion

Complexities, ambiguities and variation of disease cause diagnostic errors. With VisualDx, we make it easier to accurately diagnose even the most complex of cases and we do it with the power of visualization. From picture to patient, our images impact decisions to improve patient care.

The Value of VisualDx

  • Handle complex variations of disease.
  • Immediately find the best therapy, management, treatment.
  • Exhaustive reference for medication adverse events.
  • Engage patients by sharing images and resources.
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy. Improve patient outcomes.

“Diagnostic accuracy is critical to all specialists. I use VisualDx to broaden my differential diagnosis and to rule in or out diagnostic possibilities. The flexible search and differential diagnosis are coupled to the best medical images I have ever seen. VisualDx has become an essential component of my practice of medicine."

James Willig, MD, MSPH, Infectious Diseases, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Key Features

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