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Resident & Student

On the desktop or in your pocket, VisualDx will be your most trusted app for clinical reference and study.

You Cannot Memorize It All

As medical students and residents you know this fact. You also know to use evidence. VisualDx is based on the premise that information-assisted decision-making is far more beneficial than memorizing the most common and serious disorders. Using our guided workups, VisualDx enhances and improves your clinical reasoning skills. We use the power of visualization to logically guide you a differential diagnosis based on a chief complaint, exam findings, or patient history. Already licensed by over 50% of US Medical Schools, VisualDx is consistently voted among the top apps at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.

The Value of VisualDx

  • Places more than 40,000 professional medical images at your fingertips.
  • Compare diseases with exclusive Sympticon™ graphics.
  • Build and visualize a differential based on a chief complaint.
  • Access specialist-level diagnostic guidance and therapeutic recommendations.
  • Test knowledge and learn with built-in quizzes.
  • Create your mobile account if your institution licenses VisualDx. 

Key Features

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