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Visualizing Clinical Decision-Making in Medical Education and Training

At VisualDx we are thinking about, and innovating upon, these fundamental challenges:

  • How do we improve clinical reasoning and differential diagnosis skills?
  • How do we improve the learner’s logical competence?
  • How do we get our students to be life-long information acquirers of knowledge and evidence?

We offer a solution to these questions through our hybridizing clinical decision support with educational cases. By using problem-based exercises in conjunction with clinical decision support technology students develop better clinical reasoning skills and learn the importance of evidence.


Case Vignettes

Case Vignettes Vol. 1

Use case stories to teach problem-solving with VisualDx.

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Case Vignettes Vol. 2

Bites, stings, and infestations.

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Case Vignettes Vol. 3

Emergency and urgent care.

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Problem-Based Learning

Students learn by inputting case findings in VisualDx, reviewing the differential diagnosis, and then discussing their logic.

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Top Ten Cases

For educators: Challenge your students to identify the diagnosis based on case photos. Contact us to receive a series of case lectures.

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Disease Appearance: Variations in Skin Presentations

Learn how skin diseases present on different skin types.

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Dermatology Educational Resources


Fine-tune your dermatology terminology and test your visual diagnostic skills with this free online tutorial. Five lessons include material in every area of the dermatology fundamentals as well as self-paced tests.


LearnDerm Companion

Download a lecture Powerpoint that includes several topics including “Identifying skin lesions,” “Introduction to Morphologic Variation,” and “In-class exam.”

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The Impact of Skin Color and Ethnicity on Clinical Diagnosis and Research

This event series is brought to you by the Skin of Color Society, NEJM Group, and VisualDx.

Structural Racism and Racial Bias in Medicine

Session 1

Hair Disorders in People of Color

Session 2

Pigmentary Disorders and Keloids

Session 3

COVID-19 Comorbidities and Cutaneous Manifestations in Adults and Children

Session 4

National Dermatology Kodachromes

Presenter: Trilokraj Tejasvi, MBBS, MD


Presenter: Dr. Robin Gehris


Presenter: Dr. Misha Rosenbach


Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Callen


Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Callen


Pop Quizzes

1: Dermatology

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2: Dermatology

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3: Skin Conditions in Primary Care

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4: Dermatology

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5: Solitary Lesions

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6: Dermatology

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Medical Education Series

Presenter: Steven Chen, MD, MPH


Co-presenters: Margaret Bobonich, CNP, DNP and Susan Bulfin, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP


Presenter: Azeen Sadeghian, MD, FAAD


Presenter: Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD


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