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VisualDx diagnostic clinical decision support provides solutions that transcend the point of care to address, more broadly, challenges facing medical professionals today. VisualDx makes it easy to accomplish multiple clinical goals simultaneously.

Malpractice Risk Management

Improving diagnostic accuracy is at the core of our mission at VisualDx. Diagnostic errors and delays can have devastating effects on patient outcomes. Learn more about our partnership with Coverys to mitigate risk and improve patient safety.


Technology has been proven to connect underserved patients and experts. With VisualDx, our telemedicine program provides timely referral, improved education, and enhanced patient satisfaction. Learn how our telemedicine program works.

Global Health

VisualDx is committed to improving health around the world – with resources and information necessary to reach our most vulnerable populations. With the ever growing list of emerging global diseases, we can enhance clinical care in the U.S. and abroad.

Interoperable with the Electronic Health Record

VisualDx brings intelligence into the electronic health record. We are proud to support FHIR as well as the Health Level 7 (HL7) Infobutton standard. We believe that through the EHR, we can provide the diagnostic decision support necessary to make a more accurate diagnosis at the point of care.

UpToDate Integration

VisualDx is the only diagnostic clinical decision support system seamlessly integrated with UpToDate. Learn more on how the integration works.

Cellulitis and Sepsis Safety

One diagnosis costs one billion dollars in wasted healthcare dollars. Let us show you how reducing diagnostic errors in cellulitis alone can have a profound cost savings.