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Family Medicine Provider Finds Answers With VisualDx Images

I had an elderly gentleman who presented with a diffuse rash, which was severe though did not quite fit any known diagnosis at least not in a straightforward fashion. I turned to VisualDx, which helped me consider other immunologic, metabolic, and drug-induced causes. I also had comparative images to differentiate from my patient’s presentation.

As a provider, I often struggle to diagnose dermatologic findings as a snap-shot presentation during the visit. VisualDx has proved to be a valuable tool to gather differentials in an organized way with photographic references.

-Anonymized patient story based on real user testimonial
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Here’s what you can do with VisualDx:

  • Save an average of 2+ hours per week and reduce the need for a consult with specialty-level knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Solve challenging dermatology cases with VisualDx’s proven, specialty-level information and diverse image collection.
  • Build patient confidence in your diagnosis through shared images and information.
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and antibiotic use by 38%.
  • Search a condition to access images, illustrations, and handbook-length clinical information and ICD codes.

More than 2,300 hospitals and healthcare institutions rely on VisualDx to improve diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and engage patients in their treatment and care.

In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open, the University of Maryland Medical System reported 38% fewer admissions when Emergency Department clinicians used VisualDx within the electronic health record at the time of diagnosis. Using VisualDx also significantly reduced antibiotic use due to proper identification of cellulitis mimics.

This pediatrician explains how VisualDx helps bring excitement back to medicine

Dr. Ingerowski shares why he likes to use VisualDx in his pediatrics practice in this video testimonial: It’s fast and easy to use; integrates seamlessly into his workflow, and allows him to handle more critical patients with confidence.

My patient was amazed at the technology at my fingertips and was assured that she was getting the most up-to-date and knowledgeable care.

-Dr. Davidson, Family Medicine

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