VisualDx a Winner in the iHealth 2014 “Ideas that Work” Competition

Nation’s First Widely Used Diagnostic Clinical Decision Support System Honored

ROCHESTER, NY – (Feb. 3, 2014) – VisualDx, a mobile app and online resource that is used by thousands of doctors to accurately diagnose and treat disease, was among the winners in the “Ideas that Work” competition that honored three innovations for their ability to overcome “real-world challenges in health care” during the iHealth 2014 conference Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in Orlando, FL.

Sponsored by the California HealthCare Foundation, the “Ideas the Work” competition also honored “My Healthcare Flows” from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and “HeartsLikeMine” from the University of Utah.

“We congratulate all the winners and consider it a great honor to be among the innovations to receive this prestigious award for creating solutions to major healthcare challenges,” said Art Papier, MD, CEO and co-founder of Logical Images, the company that created VisualDx.  “We have been building this diagnostic clinical decision support system for more than 15 years, and we know it’s working in the real world because more than 1,500 hospitals and large clinics, including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, rely on VisualDx to help them quickly and accurately diagnose and educate their patients.”

More than half the nation’s medical schools – including Harvard, Yale, UCLA and New York University – also rely on VisualDx to help them educate the next generation of physicians.

“Just as stethoscopes extend physicians’ ears and an MRI can extend our eyes, VisualDx extends doctors’ brains by putting a vast medical database and peer-reviewed images on their mobile devices and their desktop computers,” said Noah Craft, MD, PhD, Logical Images chief medical officer. “While most other electronic medical resources are simply electronic textbooks, VisualDx treats every patient as a unique individual.”

VisualDx is available directly on the web, integrated into Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and as a mobile app that works with the iPhone, Android and iPad. It uniquely enables the user to maximize the search by entering multiple factors about a patient, including symptoms, medical history, travel, medications and lab results.

Based on that information, VisualDx searches across its proprietary medical knowledge database and then uses a patented process to quickly deliver “stacked visual knowledge” – a highly specific list of potential diagnoses, a series of medical images to compare to the patient’s current conditions and the recommended treatments. Doctors then use VisualDx to arrive at the best diagnosis, explain the process to the patient using the images and decide on the right treatment for each unique patient.

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