Prepare for the Current and the Next Public Health Crisis

We bring public health to where it matters: at the clinical decision-making moment. With VisualDx, your clinicians can diagnose all communicable diseases accurately.

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Prepare for Everything

Immediately following the anthrax events of 2001-2002 our company successfully implemented a “dual-use,” all-hazards approach to bio-preparedness for cities, counties, and states. At the time, our argument was as straightforward as it is today: since no one can predict what the next public health crisis will be, the only sensible plan is to prepare for everything. VisualDx provides all clinicians with the knowledge to diagnose infectious disease accurately no matter their location, specialty, or level of experience.

Learn more about our history of public health preparedness by clicking the button below to download a pdf.

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Refugee and Public Health Information

Visit our public health information page with diagnosis details and images of infectious diseases, immunization catch-up schedules for refugees and immigrants, opioid prescribing resources, and more. Available without a VisualDx subscription.

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Public Health Reporting

Following the anthrax events, leaders of city, county, and state public health departments understood the need for a dual-use information strategy. VisualDx empowers busy clinicians with broad diagnostic support targeted at reducing false positives and making diagnosis more accurate. VisualDx also has functionality that gives local public health departments the ability to insert mandatory communicable disease reporting information into the VisualDx system. These capabilities can be enabled instantly for users in any geographic region.

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Every Second Counts

Governments and hospitals are intensely focused on the need for adequate COVID-19 testing, protective supplies, clinical workforce, and contact tracing. At VisualDx, we continue to supply and adapt the information infrastructure required for accurate clinical diagnosis, patient management, and disease reporting.

Supporting clinical decision making and linking the clinician to the local public health department is our expertise. If you are with a health department, please contact us to learn more about how we can customize VisualDx for all your clinicians at the city, county, or state level.

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