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Clinics & Group Practices

Faster, better process at the point of care to improve diagnostic accuracy and improve patient care.

Medicine's Fastest Second Opinion

Faster, more accurate diagnoses are essential to any practice or clinic. We make it easier with a clinical decision support system that matches picture to patient. Through the power of visualization, we equip our clinicians with the tools to be more efficient and informed. This saves our clinicians' time and improves diagnostic accuracy.

The Value of VisualDx

  • Access specialty-level knowledge to avoid unnecessary follow-up or referral appointments.
  • See variations of disease to solve challenging diagnoses.
  • Seamless integration in the e-record and UpToDate.
  • Build patient confidence in your diagnosis by sharing images and information.
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy. Improve patient outcomes.

“Utilizing VisualDx app on my iPhone and printing relevant patient education handouts via the website empowers my patients to educate themselves about their diagnoses and know that evidenced-based medicine is being practiced. I feel that this tool leads to greater patient satisfaction and outstanding customer service in our practice.”

Lorie A. Conza, NP-C, Virginia Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center

Key Features

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