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Medical Schools

VisualDx fosters good habits for lifelong learning in medicine.

Enhance Problem-Based Learning and Medical Decision-Making

More than 85 medical schools have embraced VisualDx as an essential resource for medical student education. VisualDx is based on the fact that information-assisted decision-making is far more beneficial than just memory-based education. VisualDx supports and encourages a logical method of clinical reasoning. As the leading clinical decision support system, we teach students how to quickly build an appropriate differential and avoid common diagnostic pitfalls. VisualDx is consistently voted among the top apps at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania.

The Value of VisualDx

  • Complements case-based learning and collaborative problem-solving.
  • Improves pattern-recognition skills.
  • Expert peer-reviewed resource.
  • Enhances medical school learning in classroom, clinic, and on the wards.
  • Easily integrates into Problem-Based Learning and GME-level programs.

Key Features

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