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Resources for Public Health

Bringing the public health preparedness imperative to the point of care by providing busy clinicians with a tool that they use every day.

During the anthrax crisis in 2001-2002, VisualDx developed a website for the CDC with training materials on the smallpox vaccination and its adverse events. Following this initial work for the CDC, VisualDx expanded licensing of its system to many state, city, and county health departments.


COVID-19 Content and Images

VisualDx currently includes several images of the pulmonary complications of COVID-19. They include a series of chest radiographs obtained at and several days after admission, as well as on days 8 and 11 after the onset of illness. Bilateral fluffy opacities are present in both images. VisualDx also includes regularly updated information and important links to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Click here for COVID-19 images and information on our public health page.

Dual-Use Approach

For 20 years, VisualDx has been used and trusted by frontline healthcare workers to treat infectious diseases. While VisualDx is used for day-to-day care issues such as medication reactions and common rashes, it also has broad applicability to the public health mission, covering not only pandemic flu, bacterial and viral infections including West Nile virus and other diseases of public health significance, but also sexually transmitted diseases, child abuse, MRSA, and infections in travelers and immunocompromised patients.

A dual-use approach is critical because not only do our front-line providers have to tackle COVID-19 but they also must treat all of medicine. After ruling out COVID-19, patients still require timely accurate diagnoses. The VisualDx strategy is to assist clinicians with ALL diagnoses, not just the current crisis.

Visual Diagnostic Decision Tools

  • Immediate, one-stop access to time-critical preparedness information, 24x7x365
  • Quick links to local and national preparedness partners
  • Timely notifications and communications
  • Content compiled and updated by preparedness experts
  • Customizable access to local requirements for disease reporting
  • Funding criteria and guidelines satisfied
  • Concise summaries with visuals to improve diagnostic speed and accuracy
  • Fully functional on mobile devices
  • Search function that covers diseases from over 220 countries and territories

Learn More

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Trusted Expertise

As trusted bioterrorism experts, we created the CDC's smallpox vaccination website and pocket guide to educate physicians about the smallpox vaccine, vaccination method, and normal and adverse reactions to the vaccine. We also created a smallpox vaccination pocket guide for the Public Health Agency of Canada. From A to Z, anthrax to Zika, VisualDx has been the go-to resource for its approach to emerging symptoms and our dual-use approach.

See the CDC website

See VisualDx at Work

Use the free links at left to explore emerging global diseases and view medical images of rapidly spreading and/or rare diseases that could have an enormous impact on public health services, including the CDC's Category A bioterrorism agents.

chest x-ray showing progression of covid-19

chest x-ray of covid-19 showing ground glass oapcities