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Resources for Public Health

Improve preparedness plans to respond to and recover from disasters and other public health emergencies. Will the next threat be a cyclone, an earthquake, a bioterrorism event, the rapid spread of MRSA through a community – or the emergence of a rare disease?

Visual Diagnostic Decision Tools

  • Immediate, one-stop access to time-critical preparedness information, 24x7x365
  • Quick links to local and national preparedness partners
  • Timely notifications and communications
  • Content compiled and updated by preparedness experts
  • Customizable access to local requirements for disease reporting
  • Funding criteria and guidelines satisfied
  • Concise summaries with visuals to improve diagnostic speed and accuracy
  • Fully functional on mobile devices
  • Search function that covers diseases from over 220 countries and territories

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Use the free links at left to explore emerging global diseases and view medical images of rapidly spreading and/or rare diseases that could have an enormous impact on public health services, including the CDC's Category A bioterrorism agents.

Trusted Expertise

As trusted bioterrorism experts, we created the CDC's smallpox vaccination website and pocket guide to educate physicians about the smallpox vaccine, vaccination method, and normal and adverse reactions to the vaccine. We also created a smallpox vaccination pocket guide for the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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