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VisualDx Blog


Student Uses VisualDx to Research Headache, Help Patient

A medical student diagnoses a young man's headache by creating a differential in VisualDx and assessing the different headache categories.


With Measles Cases Rising, Pediatrician Turns to VisualDx for Patient's Rash Diagnosis

With measles cases on the rise, a pediatrician turns to VisualDx to work out the differential for her patient with a full body rash.


RN Consults VisualDx For Patient's Drug Reaction Rash To Find It Wasn't Drug-Related

A home infusion RN believes her patient's rash is due to a new drug. After consulting VisualDx for more information, she finds out the rash isn't drug-related at all.


VisualDx Helps Medicine Team Diagnose Hallucinating Hiker

VisualDx helps a medicine team diagnose a hallucinating hiker.


Swimming Patient Develops Patches; IM Resident Uses VisualDx Images to Compare & Diagnose

Rayan, an internal medicine resident at Duke, describes a time he used VisualDx's medical image library to arrive at the correct diagnosis for his patient.


Psoriasis Explained

Psoriasis is a chronic and systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease primarily affecting the skin that can be cosmetically disfiguring; an estimated 7.5 million patients in the United States alone suffer from the condition.


Student Uses VisualDx and CT Scan to Guide Woman's Abdominal Pain Diagnosis Leading to Surgery

VisualDx helped a medical student assess a woman in the ER with lower abdominal pain and guide the diagnosis and removal of a teratoma.


Building Differential in VisualDx Guides Wart Diagnosis

A Stony Brook student uses VisualDx to build out and narrow down the differential for his elderly patient.


Comparing Images in VisualDx Key for Teen's HS Diagnosis

A Northwell Health resident describes how she used VisualDx to compare pictures to narrow down the diagnosis for her teen patient.


VisualDx Differential Helps NP Student Convince Doctor to Test for Flu

A University of South Alabama NP student uses VisualDx and convinces the doctor she was working to test for another illness they hadn't considered for their young patient.