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VisualDx Blog


New DermExpert Brings Quality Care to Patients

Understanding and treating skin conditions can be a challenge for the non-dermatologist. Enter the new DermExpert.


Four Excellent Resources for Diagnosing Rashes

The key to accurately diagnosing skin conditions starts with the correct morphology, but if you didn't do your medical residency in dermatology, identifying a macule versus a papule can be difficult.


Antimicrobial Stewardship: Stemming the Tide of Antibiotic Resistance

An antibiotic stewardship strategy includes reducing the spread of bacteria in health care settings, educating patients on antibiotic use, and following clinical guidelines.

Morphology Miasma: Using AI and ML to Improve Pattern Recognition Skills

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to the healthcare space presents a unique opportunity to promote learning and improve pattern recognition when making a skin diagnosis. This is especially relevant when determining morphology as it is vital to identify the lesion correctly to come to an accurate diagnosis for a skin concern.


VisualDx Guides Team to Accurate Psoriatic Diagnosis & Changes Initial Tx Plan

A Brown University dermatology resident turns to VisualDx to first find the cause of her patient's psoriasis (which was thought to be AGEP), then expand the differential to arrive at the correct psoriatic diagnosis. 


Spotting the Diagnosis of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentary disorder with a genetic predisposition in which melanocytes progressively lose their function, resulting in abnormal skin hypopigmentation (white macules and patches) throughout the body


Student Uses VisualDx to Research Headache, Help Patient

A medical student diagnoses a young man's headache by creating a differential in VisualDx and assessing the different headache categories.


With Measles Cases Rising, Pediatrician Turns to VisualDx for Patient's Rash Diagnosis

With measles cases on the rise, a pediatrician turns to VisualDx to work out the differential for her patient with a full body rash.


RN Consults VisualDx For Patient's Drug Reaction Rash To Find It Wasn't Drug-Related

A home infusion RN believes her patient's rash is due to a new drug. After consulting VisualDx for more information, she finds out the rash isn't drug-related at all.


VisualDx Helps Medicine Team Diagnose Hallucinating Hiker

VisualDx helps a medicine team diagnose a hallucinating hiker.