NEW VisualDx Feature: Skin of Color Sort


VisualDx is committed to improving the diagnosis in patients of color. We have curated an unmatched image library reflecting disease on all skin types and now we’ve added a new feature to help you diagnose patients with darker skin types. Introducing: The skin of color sort.

Here’s how it works: On the home page of the web application, click on Dermatology Skin of Color to begin building a differential diagnosis. Notice the lesion types display in darker skin tones. Once you enter your findings, your differential diagnosis shows dark skin images first. However, you can easily toggle between skin of color and all skin types.

Once you are viewing a diagnosis page, the images are also sorted to display skin of color images first. Again, you can review both skin of color and all skin types using the toggle bar. You can also use the filter images button to narrow down the images to body location.

Share the images with your patient that resemble your patient’s presentation to help build confidence in the diagnosis and improve patient satisfaction.

This new filter is available now on It will be available on mobile (iOS and Android) at a later date.

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