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New Features Added in VisualDx

THIS WEEK, VisualDx released an update to the web application of VisualDx. We have been listening to your feedback and made feature additions and changes based on your comments.


1. Updated look and feel for the web application homepage.

The homepage has a new look with a Quick Start Differential Builder button for users who want to quickly build a differential from common chief complaints. Clients with logos will notice a slight tweak in appearance. These changes will also be coming to mobile platforms over the next few weeks.


2. More images!

We’ve added nearly 5,000 new images to VisualDx since March, bringing the image count to 40,000! Many of the new images are radiology and dermatology images. Pictured above are two such images. At left is a clinical image of aquagenic wrinkling of the palms - an example of a recently added rare condition. On the right you can see an x-ray image of the foot that has been added to the rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. We previously covered rheumatoid arthritis, but only as related to the skin. We're pleased to add radiologic images as a more comprehensive illustration of this common disease. Additionally, users may notice that we now have a total of 3,200 SympticonsTM in VisualDx.


3. Image filter within a diagnosis.

We’ve developed a helpful new feature for viewing images within a diagnosis - users can now apply filters. The main filters to quickly find an image include the ability to:

  • filter either by multiple or single lesions
  • filter by type of skin pigmentation from Type I - Type VI or a combination of those
  • filter by different image types such as clinical photos, radiology, histopath/lab, or Sympticon
  • filter by body location
  • OR combine any of the filters above to further refine your search


4. Updated look and feel to the Diagnosis Details page.

We’ve responded to user feedback and improved the look and feel of the Diagnosis Details page. Each change is designed to make the page easier to navigate, read, and access important information.

  • We have made links and other content more user-friendly within the details and images sections. 


5. Dynamic links within a diagnosis.

If your site uses dynamic links, they now appear in the left hand navigation of the diagnosis. In this example, a doctor may click on the dynamic link and be taken to the page to report the case of secondary syphilis as they are required to do.

These updated features are also available in our iOS and Android apps. As always, we want to hear from you on the product. Please contact us anytime.

About VisualDx

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