New in VisualDx: Skin of Color Sort, Medical Illustrations, and More

At VisualDx we are continually adding to, reviewing, and updating our content so that you have the most robust tool available. Here’s a look at what’s new in our latest release:

1,397 New Added
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15 New Added
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1,905 New Captions Added

NEW VisualDx Feature: Skin of Color Sort


We’ve added a new feature to help you diagnose patients with darker skin types. Introducing: The skin of color sort. When users select “Dermatology Skin of Color” from the Quick Start Differential Builder on the homepage of the web application, the illustrations displayed during the workup as well as the differential diagnosis results will sort to dark skin images first where available.

On the diagnosis page, users can select the “Skin of Color” sort while viewing the image library, which displays images based on skin type. The skin of color view will become the default when “Skin of Color” is selected in the Differential Builder. All previous image filtering options will remain available.

For more details on this new feature, click here.

NEW Images

1,397 new images were added–mostly representing darker skin types. This brings our total number of clinical dermatological images representing Fitzpatrick skin types IV–VI to 10,768 images, or 29%.


We also added cases for vaping injuries (EVALI or e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury).

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